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How to use the Hire22 Recruit portal

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Unlike traditional job boards, Hire22.ai offers two key advantages: 100% Active Candidates: Every individual on Hire22.ai is actively seeking new opportunities, eliminating time spent screening passive applicants. Anonymous Profiles: Recruiters focus solely on skills and experience, promoting unbiased hiring based on merit and reducing potential bias based on race, ethnicity, or gender.

While initial profiles are anonymous, you can connect with candidates through a simple process:

  • Send a Connect Request: Express your interest in a candidate's profile.
  • Candidate Accepts: If they're interested, they'll accept your request, revealing their full profile.
  • Request More Information: You can then request additional details like contact information for further communication.

Candidates have complete control over their information. They can accept your Connect Request to reveal their full profile, but only they decide when to share personal details like contact information.

Signing up is easy: Visit: https://www.hire22.ai/recruit/register Fill in Details:

  • Enter your basic information.
  • Verify Email: Confirm your registration through the email link.
  • Complete Profile: Fill out your profile and complete KYC verification.
  • Post Jobs: Start posting job openings immediately and start connecting with qualified candidates.