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Hire the Best Senior Executives and Professionals anonymously using our platform.

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Hire22 Features

Global Executive Search.


Hire22 is the first job tech platform to connect job seekers anonymously with the Right Job.

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Swipe Right

Connecting Jobseekers & Employers directly once both ‘Swipe Right’.

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Candidate Privacy

  1. No job listing
  2. No job applications
  3. No Contact sharing business

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4x better conversions

Revolutionize your hiring process with our advanced AI-powered hiring app, designed to filter out unsuitable candidates and deliver 4x better conversion rates.

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Effortless job Discovery

Our platform ensures that employers reach out to you with relevant job descriptions through mobile notifications.

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Faster Hiring

Experience the power of AI-powered hiring solutions to streamline your recruitment process and reduce time-to-hire by up to 80%.

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Unleash the power of AI to identify and attract top-tier executives with our exclusive platform, designed to streamline the search for exceptional leadership.

Privacy first, always. We believe in open communication, but on your terms. Your present employer and personal details remain hidden until you actively choose to reveal them to potential recruiters. The power to share, and with whom, rests solely with you.


Define your profile, be yourself active on app and world comes searching for you.. Its easy #Hire22

Sit back and let the opportunities come to you. Our platform ensures that employers reach out to you with relevant job descriptions through mobile notifications. There is no database sale, your contacts are not disclosed and we make jobs come to you !!

Rahul Sharma
Engineering Director, Cisco India.
Thanks to #Hire22, I effortlessly attract job offers without sharing contacts. It's the stress-free way to let opportunities find me!

Jobs are never going to be same again post COVID, especially for Sr.executives across the world !!

Arun Alex
APAC Sales Head, BIG4, Hyderabad.
Post-COVID, this platform transformed my job search as a senior executive. Tailored opportunities made the process effortless. A must-have for navigating the changing job landscape!

Just be safe with your privacy

Are you searching for a new career challenge but wary of compromising your current employment? Look no further! Our platform empowers you to explore opportunities anonymously, keeping your current employer and personal details hidden from recruiters until you're ready to connect. Embark on an 'Anonymous job search' journey with us today!

Anand Narayan
CFO, Fortune 500, India.
They understand our needs and prioritise our privacy while connecting us with tailored job opportunities.

Data-driven algorithm connects the right people with the right companies.

Ready to experience the future of Executive job search ? Register now to embark on a journey where job opportunities find you, and your privacy is always respected.

Madhavi Ravishankar
Neuro Surgeon, Appollo Hospital.
Revolutionary! This platform's data-driven approach linked me with perfect job matches while prioritizing my privacy. A game-changer in executive job searches.

About Us

In a world dominated by public job boards and relentless networking, finding the perfect career fit can feel like navigating a crowded room with a bullhorn. At Hire22, we believe there's a better way – a way where discretion empowers exploration, and opportunity sparks without the pressure of broadcast resumes and visible profiles.
Our platform breaks the mold by offering a truly anonymous(Pseudonymous) job search. Imagine a silent dance of skills and experience, where candidates quietly showcase their talent and recruiters discover hidden gems, all before identities are revealed. This discreet approach not only protects privacy but also eliminates biases based on age, gender, or any other factor beyond qualifications.


Our Mission

App only privacy driven platform for Post COVID remote work solutions for executives. Enabling fair career transitions. We discreetly connect talent with opportunities, eradicating bias, and amplifying potential solely on skills and experience.

Create your anonymous Profile in just 22 words and let companies connect with you.

Our Team

We are a team of experts who are passionate about helping our clients find the perfect match.


Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur with a passion for crafting innovative and impactful products. Founded and run a niche job portal and exited to the No.1 staffing company in India. A visionary leader driving innovation, he shapes the future of recruitment with strategic prowess and unwavering commitment. Hire22 is the Next Big Thing for him.


Engineering Head

Engineering mastermind with a passion for innovation and leadership, with a decade of expertise in AWS and full-stack development. Committed to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.


Products & Technology Head

Seasoned technology executive and product evangelist, passionate about innovative hiring. Proven in scalable product development, tech leadership, and fostering high-performance teams. Renowned for user-centric tech roadmaps and market competitiveness.