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How to use the Hire22 app

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Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Hire22 app for Executives on the Playstore or App store. Sign up with your mobile number and create a compelling profile that showcases your skills and experience to attract recruiters. Once complete, publish your profile and wait for recruiters to connect with you.

Absolutely! Hire22.ai is completely free for candidates to explore job opportunities and connect with recruiters.

Your data privacy and security are our top priorities. Hire22.ai utilizes advanced security measures like passwordless authentication, data encryption, and controlled data sharing to ensure your information remains safe.

Hire22.ai stands out for its unique approach to job search. Here's how: Recruiters come to you: Unlike traditional platforms where you apply to jobs, recruiters reach out to you based on your profile. Anonymous profiles: Protect your privacy and current employment with anonymous profiles that withhold personal details. Bias-free hiring: Recruiters focus solely on your skills and experience, creating a fair and inclusive hiring environment. Explore opportunities safely: Discover new career paths without alerting your current employer.

Hire22.ai prioritizes anonymity. Your profile only displays non-identifying information. Recruiters must contact you first, and you can choose to reveal your details only if interested.